aPad vehicle (also known se PlaDyPos)...

Our autonomous vehicle aPad (PlaDyPos) won a gold medal at International Trade Fair (IENA 2017) which was held from 2nd November until 5th November 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany. In the competition of more than 800 innovations from 31 countries of the world, LABUST won a gold medal for its aPad (PlaDyPos) product in the competition of the Universities, Faculties, and Institutions. The platform can be applied to different scientific areas such as underwater archeology, marine biology, maritime security, robotics, oceanography, mariculture, and hydrography. Founded in 1948, iENA has emerged the reputation as one of the world’s three top invention fairs, on par with the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva and the Invention and New Product Exposition in Pittsburgh. 

Author: Antonio Vasilijević
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