The PLADYFLEET project is about:

  • delivery of fleet of 10 Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs - PlaDyPos), capable to perform automated or remote operation in order to extend RAWFIE testing infrastructure;
  • support the RAWFIE consortium to ensure smooth operation and further development of the USV fleet throughout the project lifetime.

PlaDyPos is very suitable USV for RAWFIE testing infastructure needs: one-man portable, easy to transport, deploy/recover; overactuated and omnidirectional thus highly manoeuvrable with 3DOF; good communication capabilities; ROS based architecture convenient for integration into the RAWFIE platform; remote programming, control and data collection  (over-the-air) .


Main objectives of PlaDyFleet project:

  • Objective 1.

Deliver large number of robotic devices i.e. fleet of 10 USVs, capable to perform automated or remote operation for the purpose of assessing the performance of different technologies in the networking, sensing and mobile/autonomic application domains. This objective is aligned with the RAWFIE project goal to feature a significant number of UxV nodes in order to establish an extended test infrastructure for RAWFIE related experimentation purposes.


  • Objective 2.

Ensure smooth operation of the USV fleet throughout the project lifetime by maintaining the USV fleet operational and by providing training and support to the test-bed personnel and end users.


  • Objective 3.

Increase RAWFIE and UNIZG-FER scientific excellence and innovation capacity by actively supporting further integration and development of the test platforms as well as participating in scientific dissemination of the project results related to the delivered USVs.